We are a real online florist with a long time history and impeccable reputation. We deliver flowers since 2004, beeing the first online florist to accept credit card payments. We offer the best price on the market.

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We deliver flowers online since 2005 No 1 rated florist in Romania
About Bouquets.ro

About us

Bouquets.ro is the biggest online flower shop in Romania. We have the biggest and diverse offer of floral arrangements.

Bouquets.ro is not just a flower web site, it is a solid business based on experience and hard work. Our team is like a small family, and like any family we do not spare any effort to make things better for everyone else. This means that we will try and satisfy every one of our customers' wishes. All information and requests of our clients received by our support team are being send to the workshop and then to the delivery team, in the smallest detail.


Flowers used in the workshop are of the highest quality. Most of them, with few exceptions like lily or Freesia that needs several days to bloom, are brought daily from the central warehouse at first hour in the morning. They are then processed, having their stems cleaned and being ready to be turned into arrangements. We do now use old flowers because for Bouquets.ro ensuring flower quality is above profits.


Bouquets.ro provides floral arrangements for absolutely every occasion. Out florists have over a decade of experience in creating bouquets and arrangements for wedding, wreaths and sprays for funerals, flowers for receptions and hotels. There are rare exceptions when certain flowers are not available. In this situation our company’s policy is to replace the missing type with another, close in shape and color, and at least as equal in value and quantity. Precisely, if it happens that a certain kind of flower is not available, and we must replace it, we will always replace to customer’s advantage.


Developing a serious business requires attention for every small detail, for every aspect about providing an impeccable service. That is why our company uses special vans for delivering flowers and not personal cars. The vans are used exclusively for deliveries, thus having controlled temperature, a generous space for flowers, providing water for bouquets during transportation. It is very important that the bouquet reaches its recipient in best conditions, and the fragility of flowers requires using special containers for transportation, and in no way cramming the bouquets on the back seats. Bouquets.ro has a fleet of vehicles ready for any situation. We have small and big utility vehicles, up to three and a half tones, for bulky orders and special transportation such as wedding arcades, big objects, flower wreaths and so on.


Because in life there are always unpredicted situations, such as accidents or exceptions, we try and treat them as objectively and fair as possible. We do not run away from responsibility and we of course take the blame for any mistake.

By delivering a bouquet we understand handing it over to the recipient and not just a simple address.

Our competence and professionalism have been validated numerous times not just by feedback from our loyal customers but by our competition that has seen Bouquets.ro as an example to follow and a source of inspiration.

Fiscal information

Bouquets.ro has been established since 2005, being one of the first online flower shops in Romania. Bouquets.ro has been the first online florist to implement and activate credit card payment, developing its own payment solution. We have promoted a new business model for the online environment and we have always served our customers with respect and devotion.

Fiscal information

Legally, Bouquets.ro is identify as follows.
Company name: Avante Consulting Team SRL.
Social capital: 200 RON.
Order Number for Registry of Commerce and year: J40/6141/2005
Fiscal Identification Code: RO17434780.
Social headquarters: Pridvorului Str. no. 19, apt, 49, sector 4, Bucharest.
Bank account: RO26 RNCB 0075 0352 3244 0001
Bank: BCR Sector 4.

ANSPDCP No.: 288059316933