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suave nobility
About delivery

If you want delivery within a certain time frame you can specify in the notes field of the Checkout page, we will try to respect.

During transport all bouquets are kept in containers with water to be delivered fresh. Accessories such as champagne, cake etc are properly packaged.

Normally deliver between 9 and 20, but on request we can deliver and outside this range.

About Payment

The simplest and most commonly used method of payment is by credit card, at the last step of placing the order the card details must be completed and the payment will confirm immediately.

You can also pay by PayPal or bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer it is necessary to send by email or fax proof of payment.


suave nobility

The fantastic colors and flowers that seem to extend beyond the limits of a delicate arrangement, bring a state of meditation and relaxation and suggest the limitless power of imagination, inner strength and will to persevere and overcome any obstacle. The mini roses are a sign of affection and loyalty, while the purple orchid reminds of an ambition and creative personality, that wants to make itself noticed. Offer this delightful arrangement to someone dear to show her that you share her enthusiasm, you appreciate and encourage her, or use it to create a pleasant and welcoming ambiance.
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The photo of this product was made just before delivery. No photographic filters were used, editing of picture or other image processing methods. We guarantee delivery of a product at least the same as the one in the photo!

In the normal size, this product includes:7 pink miniroses, 10 purple orchids, greenery

Please be advised: The cake can be delivered only in Bucharest and surrounding areas.