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Roses Bouquets

Roses are the most popular and beloved flowers, grown extensively in different colors, a classic symbol of strong feelings and burning passion. Known since ancient times, the rose has always been associated with beauty, love and loyalty, easily finding its place in the fine arts, literary works and architecture, and being an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A bouquet of red roses is a clear message of sincere love and devotion, and one with white roses expresses respect, honor, hope and purity. Pink roses can be gifted both to communicate affection and admiration for a loved one and as a token of gratitude and appreciation for a friend, this color being a good choice when you want to present your sympathy and consideration, regardless of the nature of the relationship. Yellow roses are optimistic and joyful, a symbol of strong friendship and health, while orange roses transmit energy and passion, sparkling creativity and can be offered to congratulate or give thanks. Purple roses are a sign of nobility, mystery and fantasy, and also of rare things that are hard to obtained.

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