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Frequent questions

Frequent asked questions

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  • Can I specify the hour of delivery?
    Of course, specify this when placing your order in the Notes field. Enter any aspect of desired time interval. If a time slot is not specified, the orders for office have priority for delivery early in the day, then in the second half of the day the home orders are delivered. The time frame is followed in normal days, but it is mostly a guide, so we do not assume the obligation to respect it, especially during busy days such as February 14th, 1st and 8th of March.
  • What happens if the person receiving the flowers is not at the address?
    In this situation, if the delivery is made at home, we will get back another time, and if then again no one in present we will leave a notice on the door and / or make contact by telephone, without revealing what the delivery is. If the delivery is to an office we try to deliver to a colleague or ask about at the reception, and if neither of these options is possible, we make contact by telephone, without revealing what the delivery is about.
  • Can you deliver to places other than home?
    We have the necessary experience to deliver anywhere and in any conditions. We deliver at home, at work, in institutions, in church, in the maternity ward or hospital.
  • In what days do you deliver?
    Generally we deliver in any day of the week. Monday to Sunday, according to the delivery schedule which you can find in on the schedule page. The easiest way to check the availability of the delivery for a given day is to choose a flower arrangement and try selecting that day. If the day is listed as available, then we will deliver that day. We also deliver flowers during the name days, (Saints), Christmas, New Year, or national holidays.

    The delivery date depends on the city you choose, same goes for the delivery method! For more informations please read the Schedule page.
  • Can I order anonymously so that the person receiving does not know who sent the flowers
    We have experience in conducting anonymous deliveries. Select this option to the shopping cart, just below the Notes box and we guarantee that the delivery will be completely anonymous. We absolutely do not disclose any information about the buyer to the recipient or any other person.
  • How much costs the delivery?
    Delivery is FREE for Bucharest, limited to the city's ring road. In all towns surrounding the capital city, in the Ilfov County, the delivery costs 2 euro. For any other town and village where we deliver, the price is up to 6 euro.
  • What is the last hour to place an order?
    If you want a same-day delivery in Bucharest and surrounding areas you can do so until 19PM Monday to Friday; until 17PM on Saturday and until 15PM Sunday. For national deliveries the same day, it is recommended to do so until 15PM Monday to Friday and until 14PM on Saturday. Same day delivery on Sunday is available only in Bucharest. For customers abroad, consider that all hours are referred to local time, Romania, and adjust accordingly (ie CET +2).
  • How do I know if an order has been delivered?
    If you provided an email address you will receive a confirmation through an e-mail. You can do this online by going to the link Track Orde, , by an e-mail or phone request..
  • Can I send a message with the flowers?
    Of course, all deliveries have a luxury card included in the price that comes with the arrangement. The message is printed on the card with a Script font type, similar to handwriting.
  • Can I place an order with delivery in the future?
    Our service supports same day delivery but also at a future date. You can choose a date up to 30 days in the future. If for example today is May 15th you can choose at most June 14th.
  • Can I modify an order already placed?
    In general we can make changes to the delivery date, delivery address or the message, but up to 24 hours before delivery. You can do this by sending an e-mail or by phone.

    For Bucharest, depending on the order status, changes can be made before the delivery of the bouquet. The most effective way is to contact us by phone to find out if possible. For orders which are delivered by courier, changes can be made up to 48 hours prior to delivery of the courier arrangement.
  • May I cancel an unpaid / paid order?
    Before you cancel an order, consider that you can reschedule delivery. An order can be canceled unless it has already been processed. More precisely, at least 48 hours prior to delivery for any locality in which delivery is by courier, at least 24 hours for any location where the order is processed by our partner in that location, and for Bucharest it can be canceled 12 hours before delivery. More details about delivery methods You can find out on the Delivery Information page.

    Orders paid by card are instantly refunded, and for those paid by bank order, depending on the bank, the payment is reimbursed within 2 to 5 business days.
  • When do I receive the original invoice?
    The invoice is sent by e-mail shortly after delivery. On request, we can send the invoice by fax or courier. In the attention of the accounting department, according to the Tax Code valid since 01.January.2007 (art. 155, para. 6), signing and stamping invoices is no longer required. By default, the invoice by e-mail is considered to be genuine.
  • Can I order if I am not in the country, and pay by card which is not issued in Romania?
    Bouquets.ro accepts payment with any credit or debit card issued by Visa or Mastercard. Even if you have a card issued in another currency than RON the conversion is done when you place your order at the exchange rate of the bank that issued the card. We accept orders 24 hours a day, delivering according to our working timetable, currently found on this site.
  • How are flowers delivered?
    Our couriers transport and deliver the floral arrangements in special containers, at optimum temperature. The flowers are constantly kept in water.
  • Could I pick up the arrangement at the Bouquets.ro workshop?
    Of course, we invite those that are interested to visit our workshops in Bucharest and in the country. You can personally come to pick up a flower arrangement, watch how it is made or choose the flowers. Bouquets.ro also makes wedding arrangements, so you can come to see for yourself that we rise to your expectations. Please contact our team to receive instructions about the address and time for your visit.