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How to order?

Buy flowers with ease

Bouquets.ro is a web site divided into categories. Depending on occasion, celebration, favorite color or type of the recipient, choose a bouquet or arrangement of flowers that you like best and click on its photo. You will be directed to its detailed page. Here, besides a bigger photo, you will find a small description, details about content and the possibility of customizing your order choosing a certain size or color for your flower arrangement. You can choose to add something special to your flowers, thus being able to send together with the flowers a set of accessories such as an elegant vase, a bottle of sparkling wine, praline, or a Teddy bear.

To place an order for a floral arrangement you have to

  • 1Choose the arrangementt

    Navigating the available categories, or choosing the promotions displayed on the web site you can choose your favorite arrangement with just one click. Once you reached the detailed page of the arrangement, you will notice that on your right side, next to the arrangement's photo, you have the possibility of choosing the product’s size, color (if available, depending on arrangement) and accessories such as vase, Teddy bear, candy, etc...

    Select these one first and then you can add a message that will go together with the arrangement, especially if you will choose the option of anonymous delivery in the next step.

    The price displayed at the bottom is the total price of the bouquet together with the accessories, but without transportation cost. Carefully check if everything is all right and then click the Place Order button, available at the bottom of the page. You will then be directed to the shopping cart.

  • 2Filling out the information about delivery, recipient and buyer

    The payment page is made up of four big sections: Order Summary, Information about recipient and delivery, Information about buyer and invoice and Payment Methods. Every section has a pop-up screen to explain about the required data.

    The section Order Summary offers final information about the desired arrangement, its price, accessories price and delivery cost updated depending on the selected city from the section Information about recipient and delivery.

    The section Information about recipient and delivery requires information about recipient. Attention, here the date depends on the city you wish to deliver to, so this date will reset each time when the city is changed. It is preferred that you offer as much information as possible so that we can easily reach the recipient when we deliver the flowers.

    The section Information about buyer and invoice requires information about the buyer in order to provide an invoice for the order. This section offers the possibility of providing a fiscal bill for a company by choosing this option and filling out the fields that show up.

    The section Payment Methods offers the possibility for the client to choose the desired method of payment. More details can be found here.

  • 3Payment confirmation

    Depending on the chosen payment method you must complete the transaction through the respective site. If the payment method chosen is bank transfer then you must send a payment confirmation, otherwise the confirmation is done automatically.

    During this process, with every important step: order registration, payment confirmation, order delivery, the client will be notified about the order status through the email address that is provided. The client has the option of verifying the order status by following the link provided with each email or by visiting My Order Status

About Delivery

Please provide detailed information about the place of delivery, specifying if it is a company, institution, shop or home address. In the observation section you can specify a desired time frame for the delivery, and any other information about the address (reference points) or any other information that helps us deliver your order as fast as possible.

If you know the recipient’s phone number please provide it as it will help us to contact the person if she cannot be reached otherwise. We will always make sure to keep the delivery a surprise and not disclose any information about it or your identity.

For small town deliveries a phone number is very useful as it will decrease the chances of not reaching the recipient for the delivery.

About Payment

Orders paid through bank transfer must be confirmed by sending a fax (at ) or by scanning and sending a copy through email, and only after receiving this confirmation the order can be delivered.

More information about the payment methods at How do I pay?