We are a real online florist with a long time history and impeccable reputation. We deliver flowers since 2004, beeing the first online florist to accept credit card payments. We offer the best price on the market.

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We deliver flowers online since 2005 No 1 rated florist in Romania
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Cookie policy for Bouquets.ro

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files downloaded and saved to your computer or terminal in order to improve the user experience of our site. This page describes what information is stored in cookies, how we use it and why sometimes we need to store it.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies for a variety of reasons listed below. Unfortunately, there often are no standard options in the industry to disable cookies without disabling the functionality of our site. It is recommended to leave the cookies activated because they are used to provide you with the service you use.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings on the terminal you are using. Depending on your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera), disabling cookies can be achieved from its options in Settings, Options or Preferences. Disabling may result in inability to use certain sites.

What cookies we use

We use cookies to retain your session data. Also a very important functionality of an online store is the ability to retain items in your shopping cart. Cookies help us to store information about products added in the shopping cart, even if the browser or computer will be shut down. When you next visit our website the products you have added to the shopping cart will still be there. In some cases we might use cookies provided by trusted third-parties. Such as those placed by the well-known Google Analytics system, one of the most widespread and reliable solutions for traffic analysis. This helps us better understand how visitors interact with our site, so we can improve their experience. Another traffic analysis solution that might use cookies is Yandex Metrika. Along with Google Analytics, it gives us important information about how visitors interact with our site. We could use cookie files to signal that you've already completed the field for inclusion in the newsletter.

Misconceptions regarding cookies

A common misconception about cookies is that they could be malicious programs. These are not viruses nor do they have the functionality of viruses. Given that the data is of a very small size, and that they can even be read by the user, they cannot be run, interpreted or compiled. Therefore they do not have the functionality of applications or programs. We cannot access nor delete data from your computer.