Make the most of our benefits! Below you cand find the most important benefits that we offer you through


Creating an account on brings a substantial simplification of the ordering and tracking process.

  • you will no longer need to fill in your data and billing data for each order
  • if you send the arrangement to a delivery address already in use, you will be able to choose it from history without writing it again
  • you will be able to view the history of your orders at any time and download your order invoices
  • receive timely emails on the following holidays
  • you will find out about all discounts and promotions that we might have

Another great advantage for opening an account on is the 10% discount coupon, valid for 2 orders, which is received right after opening a new account on the registration page


Our newsletter is sent once a week and contains information about promotions, news and discounts available on our site. If you wish to receive the discount coupons issued by periodically, all you have to do is to subscribe to the newsletter or open an account.


Because we know the importance behind the gesture of sending a bouquet and because we trust the look of our bouquets, we offer the "delivery picture" service. This service is available for deliveries in Bucharest or in neighboring areas and consists of making a picture of the recipient with the floral arrangement delivered. Naturally, this service can only be offered at the request of the buyer and with the consent of the recipient. You can learn more here