Buy flowers easily

Bouquets.rois a structured site by category. Depending on the occasion, the holiday, the preferred color or the desired item of the recipient, choose a bouquet or flower arrangement that you like the most and click on its photo. You will get to his details page. Here, In addition to a larger photo, you'll find a brief description, content details, and the ability to customize your order by choosing a specific size or color for the flower arrangement. You can add something special to flowers, so they can be delivered together with flowers and a combination of accessories such as an elegant vase, a bottle of sparkling wine, pralines, or a plus bracelet.

To place a order for a floral arrangement, you need to follow the steps below.

  • 1Choice of arrangement

    By going through the available categories, or by choosing the promotions displayed on the site, you can choose the desired arrangement with a single click. Once you get into the detail of the arrangement, you notice that on the right, next to the picture of the arrangement, you can choose your size product, color (if available, depending on the arrangement) and accessories like vase, bears, candy, etc ...

    Select them first and then you can also add a message that accompanies the arrangement, especially if you are going to use the anonymous option available at the next step.

    The price displayed at the bottom is the total price of the bouquet along with the accessories, but without the shipping cost . Check carefully if everything is the way you want it, and click on the "I WANT TO PAY" button, found out at the bottom of the page. You will end up in the shopping cart.

  • 2Fill in the delivery, recipient and buyer information

    The payment page consists of four large sections: 'Order Summary', 'Recipient and Delivery Information', 'Buyer Information' invoice and payment methods. Each section has its popup that explains what that area is and what data is needed.

    The 'Order Summary' section provides the final information about the desired wage, price, accessory prices and cost of delivery, which cost is updated based on the selected city from the 'Recipient and Delivery Information' section.

    The 'Recipient & Delivery Information' section requires the delivery information of the recipient. Here, the date depends on the city where you want to deliver, so the date will be reset each time the city is changed. Prefer to give as much data as possible in order to be able to come into contact with the recipient at the time of delivery.

    The 'Buyer and invoice information' section requires the buyer's information to be able to invoice the order. This section offers the possibility to issue a tax invoice to a company by choosing this option and completing newly created fields.

    The 'Payment Methods' section gives the customer the choice of payment method. More details you can find here .

  • 3Payment confirmation

    Depending on your chosen payment method, you'll need to make the transaction through that site. If payment method your choice was by bank transfer, then you'll need to send a confirmation of your payment, otherwise the confirmation is done automatically.

    During this process, at each important step: order registration, order payment confirmation, order delivery, client will be notified of the order status by mail sent to the provided email address. The customer has the ability to see the status of the order at an address sent to any of these emails or my order status

About Delivery

Provide as detailed information as possible about the place of delivery, specifying whether it is a company, institution, shop, home, and the observation field you can fill in a preferred delivery interval, possible comments on the address (landmarks), or anything else we would we could help deliver your order as soon as possible.

If you know it, it is very good if you provide us with the recipient's phone number, we will only use it if we fail to we find the person and we will always strive to keep a surprise both in terms of the nature of delivery and your identity.

For small-town or village and community delivery, a phone number is extremely useful to remove any address problems delivery.

More information about shipping in About Delivery

About Payment

Orders for bank transfer must be confirmed by sending a scanned copy by email only after receiving this confirmation the order can be delivered.

More information about payment methods in How do I pay?