Credit card

If you have an accepted bank card for online payments (some banks require signing an agreement before the first online transaction), this is the simplest and quickest way to pay and is to fill in a form with your card data. The procedure is secure and the data your card are not stored on our servers, they are sent directly to the card processor, our server receiving only a confirmation or Confirmation of the transaction's success.

Payment with a bank card is a practical and safe option for online payments. On the site you can pay with any card issued under VISA or MASTERCARD. Most orders are paid through this method.

Payment is made immediately and the money is blocked on the card until we have confirmation of delivery. Money is not charged before delivery. No additional charge for the card payment is charged. On the card statement associated with the card, the payment appears to be for Flowers, and the trader is Avante Consulting Team SRL. Online payments are processed by LibraPay . does not store or solicit any information about the framework you are paying for. All of these information is entered safely through a secure connection.

Paypal is a solution commonly used by foreign customers, and as a card payment, is a fast, secure and convenient. Also, there is no charge for PayPal payment.

We recommend that you use this payment model, especially if you have experienced problems with authorizing your card payment.

In other words, this method of payment is addressed to PayPal account holders, but also to those who do not have such an account yet. Confirm payment by this method is done on the spot.

The delivery will be made to the address from the order on our site. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.