Frequent questions

Before contacting us, check if your question is in the list below.

  • Do you deliver in this city ... ? On what dates ?
    The easiest way to see if we can deliver to a specific city on a certain day is to add the desired product to the cart, select the location and see if the desired date is listed in the calendar.
    If the locality does not appear, choose a product with the mention "delivery in over 80 cities". If the desired city is still not in the list, it means that we cannot deliver there.
    Delivery date will depend on where you want to order, and also the choosen product.
  • Can specify the time at which the order will be delivered?
    Of course, specify this when placing the command in the Notices field. Enter any aspect related to the desired time interval. If a time interval is not specified, delivery priority in the first part of the day, have orders with delivery to the office, then in the second half those delivered at home. The time interval is observed in normal days, especially with an indicative character, so we do not assume its compliance , especially in the busy days as I am February 14, March 1 and 8 .
  • What if the recipient is not at the address?
    In this situation, if the delivery is done at home, we return to another hour, and if no one is present in this case, we leave a notification on the door and / or establish telephone contact without disclosing what the delivery is. If delivery is done at the office, we try to deliver it to a colleague at the reception, and if none of these variants are possible, we establish telephone contact without revealing the delivery.
  • Can it be delivered in other places than at home?
    We have the necessary experience to deliver anywhere, under any circumstances. We deliver home, office, institution, church, maternity or hospital.
  • Can I order anonymously so that the recipient does not know who the flowers are from?
    We have experience in making anonymous deliveries . Select this option in the shopping cart right under the Remarks and you box we guarantee that delivery will be completely anonymous. We do not disclose any information about the buyer, recipient or any other person.
  • How much does the delivery cost?
    Delivery is FREE for Bucharest , up to the limit of the capital's ring road. In all localities near the capital, and which are in Ilfov county, delivery costs 9 lei . For any other city and location where we deliver, the rate is $ 25 .
  • By what time can I place an order?
    If you want a same day delivery in Bucharest and around you can do so until 18PM from Monday to Friday, until 17pm Saturday and until 15pm on Sunday. For domestic delivery on the same day, it is recommended that you do this work until 17:00 from Monday to Friday and until 14:00 on Saturday. Sunday is delivered the same day only in Bucharest. For foreign customers, please note that all time intervals refer to Romania's time (more specifically, CET +2).
  • How do I know if an order has been shipped?
    If you provided a mailing address, you will receive a confirmation on it. You can also do this online by accessing the link Order tracking by email or phone request.
  • Can I send a message along with the flowers?
    Of course, all deliveries included in the price a luxury greeting, which comes with the arrangement. The message is printed on it with a font type Script, similar to handwriting.
  • Can I make a delivery order in the future?
    Our service accepts delivery on the same day but also in the future. More specifically, you can choose up to 30 days in the future. For example, today May 15th, you can choose no more than June 14th.
  • Can I edit an order already placed by me?
    In general, changes may be made to the delivery date, delivery address or message, but up to 24 hours prior to delivery. You can do this by sending an email or phone.

    For Bucharest, depending on the order status, changes can be made before the delivery of the bouquet. The most effective way is to contact us by phone to find out if possible. For orders to be delivered by courier, the changes can be made up to 48 hours prior to delivery of the courier arrangement.
  • Can I cancel an unpaid / paid order?
    Before canceling a order, consider reprogramming your delivery. An order can be canceled only if it has not already been processed. More precisely, at least 48 hours before delivery for any place where delivery is delivered by courier, at least 24 hours for any location where the order is processed by our partner in that location, and for Bucharest it can be canceled 12 hours before delivery. More about delivery methods you can find out on the Delivery Information page.

    Orders paid by card are instantly refunded, and for those paid by bank order, depending on the bank, the payment is reimbursed within 2 to 5 business days.
  • When do I get my original invoice?
    The invoice is sent by e-mail shortly after the delivery. Upon request, we can also send the invoice by fax or courier. In the attention of the accounting department, in accordance with the valid Tax Code of 01 January 2007 (article 155, paragraph 6), the signing and stamping bills is no longer required . By default, the invoice you receive via email is original .
  • Can I order if I am not in the country, and can I pay with the card not issued in Romania? accepts payment with any type of credit, debit or credit card issued by Visa or Mastercard. Even if you have a card issued in a currency other than the RON, the conversion is done when you place the order, at the rate of the bank that issued the card. We accept orders 24 hours a day, delivered in accordance with our current schedule, which you can find here.
  • How are flowers delivered?
    Our couriers carry and deliver floral arrangements in special containers under optimum temperature conditions. Flowers are kept in permanence in water.
  • Can I pick up the arrangement at the workshop?
    Of course, we invite visitors to visit our workshops in Bucharest or in the country. You can come to personally pick up a floral arrangement, yes watch how to make or even choose the flowers that will make it. also arranges wedding arrangements, so you can come to convince us that we are meeting your requirements. Please contact our team for instructions related to the address and the time at which you can do so.

Due to the large number of requests we respond ONLY to SMS or Whatsapp text MESSAGES as well as Email, please do not call.
If you have an order placed, mention its number in the message.

SMS or WhatsApp message: 004.0720.095.590