Orders are delivered at your chosen date, we deliver Monday to Sunday inclusive . If you want delivery on a day not can be selected from the calendar with delivery days, please contact us. Considering that delivery will be made at a selected date the delivery time becomes the time between the placement of the order and the date you choose to deliver.

Bucharest and neighboring localities

In Bucharest and the neighboring localities (maximum 20 km) we deliver on the same day. An order is delivered as soon as possible in approximately 1h - 1h: 30min from placement, but depending on traffic and / or distance, the minimum time may differ. Delivery will be affected by your own

Of course, you can tell us in the field of observations, a desired time interval for delivery, we always try to respect it.

Outside of Bucharest

We can only deliver in selectable localities on the order placement page. In most major cities in Romania, we can deliver on the same day from Monday to Saturday, and on the other day the next day.

For deliveries in small towns, a recipient's phone number is required, we will always try to keep the surprise and not disclose what the delivery is. We do not deliver outside of Romania.

For deliveries to other nearby towns (up to 20 km) of cities listed on the order placement page,     which do not appear in the list of those on the payment page, there may be additional costs. For questions in such situations please let us know contactați before placing the order.