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Copyright © 2008 - 2021 SC Avante Consulting Team SRL, All rights reserved.     Copyrights are protected under copyright law and intellectual property laws. We reserve ourselves the right to block access to the www.bouquets.ro site at any time, to any person without the obligation to motivate this decision. It is also it is forbidden to transfer or modify data from the site, except in cases where there is written agreement on the above. The www.bouquets.ro site and any part thereof may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold or exploited in any commercial purpose without the written consent of the owner. For any issues related to intellectual property, please contact us at email orders@bouquets.ro.


www.bouquets.ro may hold information about you but may only be used for purposes related to the marketing of services and products on the www.bouquets.ro site. No information will ever be disclosed to a third party. Anonymous commands are shipped and sent delivered without revealing your identity in any form to the recipient. Processing of card data is done exclusively on ROMCARD servers - the national supervisory authority for such transactions. Bouquets.ro does not request or store any card information You.


The photos are for information purposes only and may contain vases which are not included in the standard arrangement except for products where this is mentioned explicitly, or special promotions. If some products or flowers are missing from stock www.bouquets.ro can replace these products or flowers with similar ones with a value at least equal to that of the replaced floral composition. Due to the fact that floral arrangements are handmade, sometimes the mode and packaging materials used or the style of realization may differ from those shown in the picture of the ordering arrangement. There may also be small differences between the composition shown in the picture and the one detailed in the description. The composition of the description is the one that florists will use to create the bouquet or floral arrangement. You can always request a custom bouquet or other color if it does not appear on the site, our operators and florists make permanent efforts to make arrangements after customer specification. Satisfaction 100% is the motto of our company. Bouquets.ro makes permanent efforts to preserve the accuracy of the information from this site, the price can be changed without notice or may contain operating errors. We disclaim liability for any situation that may arise due to software errors or technical failures that occurred on the server. The final price is the one that was confirmed when the product was shipped. The final price paid by the customer consists of the price of the product and the related shipping costs; www.bouquets.ro does not practice so-called taxes hidden.


Your orders are taken over at www.bouquets.ro permanently 24 hours a day. The program of our operators is Monday until Friday between 9 and 17, deliveries between 9:00 and 18:00 for Bucharest and 10:00 to 18:00 for the rest of the cities in Romania. Bouquets.ro delivers orders within a maximum of 24 hours from the date of payment in any city in Romania, and at least 3 hours in Bucharest and the neighboring areas, (including Otopeni, Popesti-Leordeni, Pipera, Rosu, Bragadiru, and other localities located within 5 km of the city's ring road) or at a later date specified by the customer. Bouquets.ro does everything possible to deliver orders at the date specified by the customer, however there may be situations where delivery at the specified date is not possible, such as free days, holidays, bad weather, disasters, etc. Deliveries to Bucharest are made from 9 am to 21 pm. All delivery restrictions are permanently applied the calendar that appears when placing the order. If the date you want does not appear in this calendar, it means that delivery can not be made in that calendar locality at that time. In this case, please contact our operators for more details. We deliver the same day in most major cities in Romania. It is recommended that you fill out in the Comment box as much information as possible consider it useful to the delivery agent. Attention: Our company strives to deliver within the specified time range, but not assumes the obligation to respect this range when this is not possible.


Product return policy is in line with "Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2014 on Consumer Rights in Ending Contracts with the professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts ", so it can be returned within 14 days from receiving order, any product that is not considered perishable and / or food by any courier agreed by the buyer. Amount paid for products returned will be reimbursed in full within 14 days of receipt of returned products.


Everything on this site is provided as such, as long as it is available without any other warranty. www.bouquets.ro does not provide any express warranty or implicit, with respect to this site and the products offered. Bouquets.ro assumes no responsibility if the site can not be accessed by users for an unlimited period of time for any technical or commercial reasons. Bouquets.ro reserves the right at any time to change in part or in full the content of the information posted on the site without prior notice to users. Bouquets.ro reserves itself the right to refuse delivery of any order without the obligation to motivate this refusal, in which case the customer will receive back the money paid for the order concerned. If the products can not be delivered or suffer major damage during delivery, the customer may require replacement of the product or the immediate return of the amounts already received by Bouquets.ro, but not other damages.
Under OUG 34/2014, flowers are products that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly and are exempted from the right of withdrawal and guarantees.


The www.bouquets.ro site operates in accordance with all legal provisions of the Romanian State.


If you have issues of any kind in your interaction with our store that do not seem to be resolved by email or person with who you are discussing, you can get in touch for a free internal conciliation with Mr. Negut Mihai, mihai@bouquets.ro. You will receive an answer in about one hour during program hours.     Any conflict that arises between www.bouquets.ro and customers is attempted to be resolved amicably through agreement between the parties. In case of it is not possible to apply the Romanian legal provisions in this field, and the settlement of the conflicts is the courts' Romanian.


If any of the above clauses are found null or void, for whatever reason, this clause will not affect the validity of the other clauses. With the purchase and launch of the order, the customer accepts without objection the terms and conditions of use, the value of which is the same as a contract validly concluded.